The Projects
Remco Group has demonstrated a notable business performance. It approaches international design offices,
focuses on finishing details, spends liberally on landscaping and is committed to deliver more than it initially
promises clients.
The group's projects are executed under the different companies as follows:
1.    Remco for Construction of Touristic Villages (RTV)
 Stella Di Mare Resort
                                                                                                   Stella Country Club
                                                                                                 Stella Safwa Towers

2.  Remco for Real Estate Construction (REC)               Stella New Cairo
                                                                                                Stella Marina Resort        
                                                                                                Stella Heliopolis
                                                                                                Stella Alamein Resort

3.  Egyptian Co. for Touristic Village Construction (ECTV)           Stella Sea View         

4.  Orient Tours for Hotels & Touristic Villages (OTHV) Stella Makadi Bay Resort Phase 1
                                                                                                Stella Makadi Bay Resort Phase 2  

5.  Pharaonic Trading & Contracting  Co.  (PTC)            Stella Sidi Abdelrahman Resort Phase 1
                                                                                                Stella Sidi Abdelrehman Resort Phase 2